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Mindbender by ZenMysticStudio Mindbender by ZenMysticStudio
This piece was originally done for a Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Tour poster. The original was also nominated for an Independent Music Award. A visionary piece featuring their signature guitars gone insane.

I decided to rework the original and massively detail it. It has a neo-aboriginal style to it that I use quit a bit in my work.

Illustrated in Painter X from an original pencil sketch.

Original was a 6 color screen print

This version will be 14 color screen print on 100lb paper.

Size: 22"x 30"

Named from the old 70's song Mindbender by Stillwater. Strangely enough, the same band that Cameron Crowe adapted for his movie "almost Famous". They were a Southern Rock band that hailed from a town near my home in Georgia. Being a teenager in the Southern rock drenched seventies, this song was one of our "local hero" favorites that we loved to crank up. Hometown hero's that will always be remembered for that one song and being that "Almost Famous" band from Georgia.

Inspirational Lyrics: " My Daddy was Gibson, My Mama was a Fender. That's why the called me Mindbender.

Click here to listen to the song: [link]
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zombieater Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
Ok, I promiss to come back and visit this gallery with time. In the meantime I stick with this piece which is visionary, superb! The image bi itself is delirious, but I see that it has so much history behind. Congratulations on this one.
oclero Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing! How much time have you spent on that project?
DaHooomie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
Uberzwitter Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2009  Professional General Artist
It really feels like stylized portions of tissue and other organic textures. Absolutely lovely work.
Sophibelle Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Really! *o*
jhwood9 Featured By Owner May 22, 2008   Traditional Artist
Awesome. The water droplets must have taken a crazy insane amount of time.
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May 21, 2008
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